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February 20, 2018
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4 Auto Parts Which Needs To Be Replaced FrequentlyRegular maintenance of your vehicle may seem you expensive but it is necessary for preventing unexpected car accidents. Spending a little amount of money on replacing car parts is far better than facing a problem with your life and car. The nutshell is, keeping the performance and age of your car, you need to give it more attention before it could deliver a risk when driving. A time to time maintenance of your vehicle and its parts may provide it a long life. So, here you will find the major parts of your car that you should replace on time.

  • Battery
  • As your car becomes older, the chances of changing the battery also increase. The cause of battery failure is acid stratification, low charge, poor driving skills and leaving the car by running AC. When your car takes time to start and taking trips, it indicates to change the battery soon.

  • Timing Belt
    A timing belt lasts for about 100,000 miles, which are almost eight years. In case, it fails, gradually the engine will slow to stop. Be aware and change this on time otherwise it may damage the engine.
  • Tire
    It is related to the rubber grooves of the tire that deals with rough and tough road. The ability of these grooves determines the tire grip on the road regardless. When the tire is used its tread wears down and create difficulties to work on the road. So, one is advisable to change the tires depending within three to seven years.
  • Brake Lights
    As compared to the headlights, the brake lights, turn signals and small signal lights tend to fail often earlier. Most people are unable to notice it but you must be aware and check it regularly or replace in case it is not working.
  • Fuel Pump
    The fuel pump is a rugged part of a car and responsible to send fuel to your vehicle, so it is required to work well. It should be changed after 100,000 miles if you neglect, it may cause of misfires, decreases the fuel efficiently and a loss of power and acceleration.

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